Latest Technology Advancements

Latest Technology Advancements


Autoprod CF-400 Cup Filling System

Experience a variety of patent pending technologies and cup filling system enhancements in the all new Autoprod CF-400 from R.A JONES. Autoprod Cup Filling Systems are designed to fill, seal, and overcap preformed cups, tubs, and trays for a wide range of food, dairy, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical products. Below are just some of the features being showcased at the show on the next generation of the Autoprod series of cup fillers:

  - Patent Pending Rotary Seal Design
  - Built to 3A Standards
  - Pulsed Light Cup and Lid Sterilization
  - CIP Seal-less Filler
  - Material Verification System
  - Robotic Dual Discharge
  - Multiple Safety and Maintenance Enhancements

CTL-60 Top Load Cartoner

The CTL-60 is a modular, mono-block, top load cartoner that integrates carton forming, carton loading and carton closing into a single machine. Enjoy a combination of patented and patent pending technologies working harmoniously together including the following features and benefits:

  - Various top-load application configurations at 60 cartons per minute
  - Two-axis robot able to track & load product into moving cartons (patent pending technology)
  - Servo technology increasing flexibility, performance and reliability
  - Quicker and more repeatable changeovers
  - Shorter lead times and start-up
  - Easy operation and clean-up
  - Reduced maintenance and downtime


Criterion® CL-240 Cartoner

The Criterion® CL-240 has become our most popular cartoner since it launched in 2016. Engineered with international markets in mind, the Criterion® CL-240 features and technologies provide the following:

  - Smaller footprint
  - Greater package size capability
  - Quicker changeovers
  - Up-gradable center-lining capabilities with Acc-U-Change™ technology
  - Enhanced sanitary features