Latest Technology Advancements

Latest Technology Advancements

Pouch King

Pouck King gets Sustainable Upgrade powered by wattron

Manufacturers have been searching for R&D Innovation that adapts to solve these problems, so R.A Jones has been on the forefront of sustainability innovation. Connecting R.A Jones’ proven experience to customer challenges, our experts have been engineering new ways to produce environmentally-friendly flexible packaging using our popular ultra-high speed horizontal form-fill-seal machine, the Pouch King. 

R.A Jones partnered with watttron, a German engineering company with a focus on digital heating systems, which allows for precise and efficient heat application. After years of collaboration, we have created new heat sealing and tension control technologies for the Pouch King, so it is now able to run sustainable materials—and still at ultra-high speeds up to 2000 pouches per minute. This highly engineered solution can be installed on new Pouch Kings or as modernization kits on current machines in the field.


R.A Jones introduces the Alterion, a new mid-speed cartoning solution. Ideal for customers who need flexibility but don’t require high levels of automation, this cost-effective option breaks into a whole new market for R.A Jones.

✔ Cost-effective for flexibility.
✔ Handloading flexibility to transition between product quickly and easily.
✔ Standard options for quick quotes and short delivery times.
✔ Configurable bucket conveyer length to tailor machine footprint and speed.
✔ Reliability and performance you come to expect.

Soon to be available in a range of standard formats, be on the lookout for more news on the launch of the new R.A Jones Alterion. 

Criterion® CCM-425

Criterion® CCM-425

The R.A Jones Criterion® CCM-425 is a compact high speed cartoner that’s engineered for a space-conscious footprint, yet still contains the benefits of robust designs typically found in larger machines. For high-speed production challenges in tight spaces, the 425 cartons per minute rate will be suitable for a wide range of applications. The CCM-425 is compatible with a variety of R.A Jones product handling systems, so you can connect your upstream processes to the proven cartoning automation capabilities of R.A Jones’ trusted Criterion® technology. 

  - Robust Criterion® technology
  - Compact 7.5 x 2 meters footprint
  - High speed - 425 cartons per minute
  - Suitable for a wide range of products
  - Changeover repeatability, operator friendly

Criterion® CL-240 Cartoner

The Criterion® CL-240 has become our most popular cartoner since it launched in 2016. Engineered with international markets in mind, the Criterion® CL-240 features and technologies provide the following:

  - Smaller footprint
  - Greater package size capability
  - Quicker changeovers
  - Up-gradable center-lining capabilities with Acc-U-Change™ technology
  - Enhanced sanitary features