Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Properly maintained equipment ensures maximum return on the investment for the life of the machine. It will help reduce capital costs, enable equipment to operate more safely and efficiently, extending the life of the machine. Leverage decades of experience within multiple industries by relying on R.A JONES preventive maintenance kits designed specifically for our machinery.

Remote Assistance: Right There, Right Away – Remote Assistance

Thanks to high-quality audio, video and augmented reality we can now provide real time diagnosis and troubleshooting, exactly as if we were right beside you – without the need of a physical presence. For more information on how to get advanced support, contact your customer service specialist

Incident Management & Troubleshooting

R.A JONES has a highly skilled Field Service team to tackle all of your reactive maintenance needs.  For the fastest possible downtime recovery plan, rely on a R.A JONES qualified technician to troubleshoot your machine, complete the repair, and get you back up and running.

Technical Services

Today’s packaging equipment has high tech, sophisticated systems and controls.  R.A JONES’ technicians are specially trained to troubleshoot and maintain these complex systems to keep your machine is in the best possible operating condition.

Equipment Relocation & Decommissioning

Transferring your equipment to a new location is complicated.  Making sure your assets are shut down and decommissioned correctly are important parts of the restart process at your new location.  R.A JONES’ team of highly trained technicians can help develop and execute a successful relocation plan of your equipment so you can get your machines back into production.