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Packaging solutions for
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R.A Jones Packaging Solutions for Home Care & Industrial

We’ll Convert your Complexity Into Confidence

R.A Jones has the expertise brands across the Home Care and Industrial verticals rely on to drive profitable packaging changes. From improved production to meeting key sustainability metrics, our unparalleled expertise can help you achieve your most challenging packaging goals while satisfying the most stringent safety requirements. We are singularly focused on tailoring our solutions to your ever-changing needs and performance metrics.

Market Trends

Let Us Help You Adapt to a Changing Market

Need to put a different kind of gas into an existing aerosol can? Need to scale up production volume of dryer or cleaning wipes? Has the market demand for environmental sustainability created a need for a new production environment? We´ll put you on the best path to optimize your production line.

Safety Check

Safety. Regulation. Rules. We´re On It.

In Home Care and Industrial, we understand that there is a constellation of regulations surrounding virtually all that you do. Our deep experience with your technical requirements means you won´t lose precious time having to educate us on your next project. In fact, we're likely to be ahead of the game upon engagement.

Planning for the long run

R.A Jones Will Save You In the Long Run

A successful Home Care or Industrial packaging line is the result of multiple variables and characteristics coming together. By engaging with R.A Jones early in your engineering process rather than as a stand alone original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you'll benefit from our knowledge of each step of the journey from design to implementation.

Better Throughput Starts with a Conversation. Let’s Talk About Your Needs.

Learn About All of Our Home Care and Industrial Packaging Machines

Our full portfolio of Home Care and Industrial machines includes all types of aerosol, chub packing, cartoning, canister packing, and sealing solutions.

Learn About the Capabilities of Our Sister Coesia Companies

The Coesia portfolio features extensive capabilities in Home Care and Industrial packaging that expand to include additional filling, pouching, product handling, and literature feeding. If your need falls within this spectrum, we will collaborate with other Coesia companies to find the best fit.

Let’s Talk Live About Your Needs

Chances are, you’re not going to find the exact solution to your current challenge hidden in a spec sheet or featured in a video. We believe you get the best out of R.A Jones during a live collaboration. So let’s talk! 

Complete as much of the form as you can, and one of our representatives will contact you to set up a thorough review of your needs, challenges, and specs. We would love to earn the opportunity to advance your throughput capabilities.