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Global leader in the design and manufacturing of primary and secondary packaging machinery.

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Beverage Multipacking Equipment

Beverage Multipacking Machines

For packaging cans and glass or plastic bottles in a wide variety of configurations and carton styles.

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Cup Filling Systems

Cup Filling & Sealing Equipment

Manufacturing Autoprod & Holmatic cup filling, sealing, and overcapping equipment for straight and tapered walled round, oval, and square cups.

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KartridgPak Chub Maker Machines

Chub Packaging Machines

KartridgPak chub equipment for packaging a variety of viscous products and chemical emulsions

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Intermittent and Continuous Motion Cartoners

Cartoning Machines

Providing a wide-range of cartoning equipment for various food and non-food products.

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KP Aerofill Aerosol Equipment

Aerosol Filling & Crimping Machines

KP-Aerofill equipment rotary liquid fill/crimper systems, gasser/shakers, propellant/liquid fillers, bag-on-valve, through-the-valve technology and more.

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Horizontal Form Fill Seal Equipment

HFFS Pouching Machines

Pouch King high-speed sachet equipment and selling/supporting Volpak equipment for flat and stand up flexible pouches.

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As a versatile packaging machine company, we have a wide range of products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our variety of technologies helps us stand out from other packaging machine manufacturers.



From manual loading to full automation

R.A Jones introduces its 5th generation CMV-150 – a continuous motion vertical cartoner built on their proven and reliable technol
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