R.A Jones Personal Care & Beauty Solutions

Personal Care

Improve your throughput for Cosmetic, Hair Care, Oral Care, Soap, and Skin Care products.

R.A Jones Personal Care & Beauty Solutions

Personal Care

Improve your Cosmetic, Hair Care,
Soap, Oral Care, and Sun & Skin
Care throughput

R.A Jones Packaging Solutions for Personal Care & Beauty

Personal Care Innovation Meets Our Packaging Expertise

Distinctive, stop-you-in-your-tracks packaging is part of the formula for a successful personal care brand. But sometimes, a high level of aesthetic differentiation poses real challenges to manufacturers. That’s where we shine. 

Come to R.A Jones early in the design and development process to benefit from our proven expertise. We can deliver customized solutions with a robust build quality that offers optimum performance with minimal downtime, helping to avoid lost revenue. We also provide industry-leading support to ensure your continued success. 

Toothpaste applied to toothbrush bristles

Experts at a Wide Range of Applications

The variety of applications our team has helped package is truly vast: global and national brands of liquid and bar soaps, razors, aerosol shaving cream, toothpaste, feminine care, and truly much more. If your personal care packaging is putting you to the test, let our expertise set you at ease.

From initial design to final success

From Initial Design to Final Success

The earlier you engage R.A Jones in your Personal Care project, the quicker you’ll realize a positive outcome on your packaging line. We'll partner directly with your material supplier and design teams using/utilizing our engineering insights to provide you with the most thorough and efficient solution.

Making Change-Over Less Stressful

Making Change-over Less Stressful

Today’s packaging environment demands more flexible equipment than ever before. Your line needs to be adaptable: to different products, to different sizes, and more. R.A Jones recognizes your need to be nimble during change-overs, ultimately saving you time and money.

Better Throughput Starts with a Conversation. Let’s Talk About Your Needs.

Explore Our Complete Line of Personal Care Packaging Machines

Explore our full range of Personal Care machines including cartoning, aerosol, case packing, and product handling.

Learn About the Capabilities
of Our Sister Coesia Companies

The Coesia portfolio of companies features extensive capabilities in Personal Care packaging that expand to include additional pouching, filling, molding, wrapping, kit making, and literature feeding solutions. If your specific needs fall within this spectrum, we will collaborate with other Coesia companies to find the best fit.

Let’s Talk Live About Your Needs

Chances are, you’re not going to find the exact solution to your current challenge hidden in a spec sheet or featured in a video. We believe you get the best out of R.A Jones during a live collaboration. So let’s talk! 

Complete as much of the form as you can, and one of our representatives will contact you to set up a thorough review of your needs, challenges, and specs. We would love to earn the opportunity to advance your throughput capabilities.