Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

Packaging Equipment And Machines

Since 1905, we have engineered, manufactured, installed, and serviced over 9,000+ packaging machines for over 1,500 customers across the six technologies listed below.

Aerosol Equipment

Aerosol Filling & Crimping Machines

Our KP-Aerofill portfolio includes aerosol and rotary liquid fill systems, rotary base crimpers, gasser/shakers, propellant and liquid fillers, BOV, air powered TTV technology, and more.

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Intermittent and Continuous Motion Cartoners

Cartoning Machines

Our extensive portfolio includes end-load and customized top-load cartoners. These can range from hand-load vertical, to end-load, to fully automated systems running at 600 cartons per minute.

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Chub Packaging Equipment

Chub Packaging Machines

Our KartridgPak equipment is the workhorse chub solution for the food & mining industries and are much more cost effective than preformed clip solutions.

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Cup Filling Sealing Overcapping Equipment

Cup Filling, Sealing, & Overcapping Machines

Our Autoprod & Holmatic cup systems fill, seal, and overcap straight or tapered-walled cups, tubs, or trays for a variety of viscous and dry products.

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Multipacking Machines

Multipacking Machines

Whether single tier or double tier, 4 pack to 48 pack, our machines can handle multiple package configurations and styles including E-Flute & B-Flute cartons.

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HFFS Pouching Equipment

Pouching Machines

Our Pouch King high speed pouch-filling machine fills 3-sided, 4-sided, gusseted, and stand-up gusseted pouch styles up to 7,000 linear inches of web per minute.

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