Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

Our Experience Provides Quality Solutions

Since 1905, we have engineered, manufactured, installed, and serviced over 9,000+ packaging machines for over 1,500 customers across the six technologies listed below.

Aerosol Equipment

Aerosol Filling & Crimping Machines

Our KP-Aerofill portfolio includes aerosol and rotary liquid fill systems, rotary base crimpers, gasser/shakers, propellant and liquid fillers, BOV, air powered TTV technology, and more.

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Beverage Equipment

Beverage Multipacking Machines

Whether single tier or double tier, 4 pack to 48 pack, our machines can handle multiple package configurations and styles including E-Flute & B-Flute cartons.

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Intermittent and Continuous Motion Cartoners

Cartoning Machines

Our extensive portfolio includes end-load and customized top-load cartoners. These can range from hand-load vertical, to end-load, to to fully automated systems running at 600 cartons per minute.

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Chub Packaging Equipment

Chub Packaging Machines

Our KartridgPak chub equipment is more cost effective than preformed clip solutions and is the best machine for manufacturers running pumpable food and chemical emulsion products day in and day out.

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Cup Filling Sealing Overcapping Equipment

Cup Filling, Sealing, & Overcapping Machines

Our Autoprod & Holmatic cup systems fill, seal, and overcap straight or tapered-walled cups, tubs, or trays for a variety of viscous and dry products.

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HFFS Pouching Equipment

Pouching Machines

Our Pouch King high speed pouch-filling machine fills 3-sided, 4-sided, gusseted, and stand-up gusseted pouch styles up to 7,000 linear inches of web per minute.

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