Historical Innovation

Historical Innovation

Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging Machine

A first of its kind, R.A JONES introduced the first soap packaging machine to the industry in 1912.

KartridgPak Chub Maker

Originally a product of a subsidiary of Oscar Mayer & Company, the well known KartridgPak chub making machine created the chub packaging category that is still prevelant today.

Chub Maker
Pouch King

Pouch King High Speed HFFS Machine

R.A JONES introduced this high speed horizontal form fill seal machine to the market in the early 1990's. This technology was a major step in developing packaging equipment to produce packaging with the end user experience in mind.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

R.A JONES acquired and incorporated this technology into its portfolio of cup filling systems to achieve a less than 2% residual oxygen level, dramatically improving shelf-life for customer products. This technology continues to be one of the only MAP technologies capable of consistently achieving this minimal oxygen level.