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Engineering & Manufacturing Pouching Equipment

Pouch King is our high speed pouch-filling series of horizontal form fill seal machinery with patented printed circuit heating technology for 3-sided, 4-sided, gusseted, and stand-up gusseted pouch styles. It has a wide range of feeding systems for both individual and multi-component blends, enabling the customer to have optimal filling and accuracy control. After filling the pouches, we have a variety of transfers available, from multi-lane discharge to fully automated cartoning.

We have been enhancing the Pouch King pouch packing machine over the last 40 years. It can run over 4000 linear inch minutes in standard format and over 7000 linear inches of web per minute for ultra high speed applications. The Pouch King pouch filling machine is capable of filling up to 2000 pieces per minute and is ideal for high-volume food and beverage applications including cereals, spices, pasta, coffee, tea, soup cubes, stock cubes, candies, snacks, and more.

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HFFS Equipment for Pouches
Standup Pouching Equipment

Servicing & Supporting Volpak HFFS Equipment

R.A JONES also supplies and supports Volpak America pouching machines in North America, including access to the ground-breaking and patented STANDCAP Pouch technology. Volpak is a leading manufacturer of HFFS solutions for the pouch-type packaging in a wide range of market applications, from food, beverage, personal care, home care, pharma, and chemical products. Volpak pouching products can fill pouches ranging from 1000ml to 3000ml, with speeds up to 400ppm. Volpak equipment is suitable for food and beverage pouch packaging, chemicals, pet care, health and beauty products, soaps, and more. These machines can also integrate with our pouch cartoning machine equipment in order to maximize the productivity and throughput of your operation.

CLICK HERE to view our sister company Volpak’s portfolio of pouching machinery R.A Jones sells and services here in North America.

Our experience serving over 1,500 customers globally brings a collected confidence to all pouching projects, regardless of scope, for the following types of applications and more.


Packaging equipment for drink mix, dairy powders, coffee, tea, & more. Fill up to 2000 pieces per minute. >>View equipment here


Packaging machines for oatmeal, cake mix, sugar, spices, soup mix, & more. Horizontal flat pouching for maximum efficiency. >>View equipment here


Packaging equipment for OTC powdered products like antacid, supplement, protein, & more. Increase throughput with ultra high speed equipment. >>View equipment here

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Pouching Equipment

Our experience provides quality solutions

  • Engineered & installed over 9,000 machines over the last 115+ years
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Our experience serving over 1,500 customers globally brings a collected confidence to all projects regardless of scope.

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  • 40+ Factory certified technicians with over 600 years of combined experience
  • Robust offerings for remote assistance, on-site service, training, and machine audits
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We intimately know your machine, resulting in less downtime, extended equipment life, and increased ROI.

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  • R.A Jones is part of Coesia, the global leader in industrial and packaging solutions
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  • Vendors seek us out first to apply their new innovative OEE solutions for validation

We get access to the latest technology to enhance our portfolio to customers, delivering high performance solutions.

Our commitment creates life-long partnerships

  • Full-time project management team dedicated to each customer project
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  • We guarantee parts, service, and support of equipment for 20 years

Our commitment to our work has kept R.A JONES one of the most respected OEMs in the world and keeps customers coming back.