Fresh Pet Food Packaging

The Rise of Fresh Pet Food Attributed to Our KartridgPak Chub Machines

Trends in the pet food industry are constantly evolving as new innovations prove what is healthiest and safest for animals. Health-conscious pet owners are now more willing than ever to splurge on the well-being of their animals. As pets are being treated better than ever, their life expectancy, overall health, and quality of life continue to go up.

A leading pet food brand dedicated to creating products that promote just that. As one of the first companies to offer fresh, refrigerated pet food and treats made from natural ingredients, this customer is a pioneer and leader in the pet food industry. When they crafted their market breaking new product, they realized they were going to need an economical packaging solution that helped their brand stand out and make their product competitive. Therefore, our customer looked to R. A Jones when establishing their packaging needs. Together, we determined that Chub packaging was the ideal solution for their product packaging as it is the same packaging used for the fresh ground meats they are emulating. By utilizing the KartridgPak CH-150, formerly known as the Chubmaker 4100, our customer is able to produce a diverse variety of sizes and flavors of their pet food options. They highlight a change in pet food quality and pushes new market trends, and, with the help of us at R. A Jones, is unlocking a new way nourishment for man's best friend.

Traditionally, ready to eat foods are pre-cooked and chilled to be served at a later date. However, this process often must be repeated multiple times when process pasteurization is involved which may result in lowered nutritional value or compromised finished eating quality. To combat this, our customer opts to hot-fill their product. Essentially, they cook the food, seal it within the package, and then chill the finished product. This concept reduces the overall production time and resources required to create each item item. Hot-filling can be applied to other ready to eat products packaged within the Chub line of machinery such as ground meat, cookie dough, or other pet food products.

Chub packaging is considered a flexible package that allows for a pumpable pet food option that locks in freshness. This method is cheaper per package option compared to other alternatives, and it is excellent for the e-commerce shipping of pet food products. As with all R. A Jones equipment, the high-speed functionality and flexibility of the KartridgPak allow our customers to produce cost-effective and high-quality packaging to help their brand stand out.

Other filling methods that can be applied to the Chub line include high-pressure processing and Retort food processing. High-pressure processing is a safety procedure in which food is highly pressurized in order to eliminate food-borne bacteria. This method helps keep products safe for consumption, while also retaining many of their natural benefits, giving prepared food the potential to become a fresh, more nutritious offering. Similarly, Retort Food methods include completely cooked food in airtight containers, which are then preserved at room temperature without the need for freezing, cooling, or drying.

If you are a brand, co-packer, or even a large producer looking to expand your packaging options and offer economical, ready-to-eat pet food solutions, consider our Chub line of machinery for your production floor. For more information or to be put in contact with one of our R. A Jones representatives, please fill out the form below or contact us at


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