Nutraceutical Pouch Packaging

The Best Solution for Single-Serve Nutraceutical & Protein Powder Pouch Packaging

Nutraceutical products are on a constant rise as more and more consumers shift towards health and wellness driven purchases. However, the nutraceutical world is changing in terms of how consumers are accessing these products. Today, health and wellness supplements come in several varieties outside of the once-popular pill forms and are instead moving to produce powder and liquid options for consumers. Therefore, millennial and baby boomer focused health and wellness companies are rethinking their nutraceutical product packaging, and many companies have adapted to produce single serving style pouches, such as stick packaging and sachet pouches for accessibility and portability. Consumers want products that can be thrown in their gym bag or purse, can be consumed on its own, or by adding water. These convenient options are pre-measured, single dose, on the go alternatives to the oversized, bulk packages we previously saw dominating shelves. At R.A Jones, our horizontal form, fill, and seal (HFFS) pouching equipment has the ideal capabilities to accommodate the entire range of nutraceutical products on the market. And, according to Packaging Digest, high demand for efficient packaging drives consumers' desire to buy, specifically among nutraceutical companies’ key demographics of well-being and health-minded individuals.

Our patented Pouch King PCU-2000 features an improved design and functionality to the original model created more than 30 years ago. This high-end, high performing pouch filling machine employs printed circuit heating technology to provide a precise temperature profile across the machinery to make a flawless laminated vertical seal and to perfectly envelop ultra-fine powder product within. The Pouch King has a wide range of feeding systems for both individual and multi-component blends, enabling our customers to have optimal filling and accuracy control on two to eight-inch width pouches with heights ranging between three and seven and a half inches. After filling the pouches, R. A Jones has a variety of transfers available, from multi-lane discharge to fully automated cartoning. The Pouch King can run over 4,000 linear inch minutes in standard format and over 7,000 linear inches of web per minute for ultra high speed applications. These high speed capabilities translate to more production dollars saved for our customers as the price to produce each pouch turns to pennies, and the return on investment margin highly increases. And with sealing speeds reaching up to 7,000 linear inches of web per minute, the Pouch King can produce anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 pouches per minute depending on the size of the pouch and the product being filled. Additional features include modular design, fully servo-driven structure, stainless steel framing, touch screen HMI, automatic web splicer, and pouch conditioning reinforce the high reliability of the Pouch King that R. A Jones has become known for.

We also offer slower speed solutions for other nutraceutical drink mix manufacturers who are newcomers to the industry, testing new products in the market, or copackers looking for improved ROI for short-term customer contracts. R.A Jones sells, services, and supports Volpak pouching technology in North America, a sister company with cutting edge pouching equipment for a wide range of pouch styles, products, and speeds. Our partnership with Volpak ensures that R.A Jones’ portfolio of HFFS equipment can align with any customer production needs and expand with them as needed.

Our pouching equipment is designed to help nutraceutical companies increase production rates and lower overall cost per package. Customers utilizing R.A Jones pouching equipment quickly realize higher revenue over shorter periods of time due to the competitive advantages. If you are interested in enhancing your nutraceutical product packaging, contact us to help test your packaging material or to inquire about purchasing a Pouch King packing machine, or request more information by filling out the form below.


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