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Remote Training Now Available

Remote Courses for Operators, Mechanics, and Electricians
Now is a great time to consider scheduling remote training for employees to ensure they are properly equipped to operate our equipment efficiently to increase productivity. Customers with employees who are working from home or who are reporting to work at the facility can now take advantage of our courses via live video engagement with one of our expert trainers.

Below is a list of training programs we can conduct remotely:

  • Informal Training
    Hands-on instruction with the machine reference manual received with your machine.
  • Standard Materials Training (SMT)
    The middle level between formal and informal programs. In addition to the mainly hands-on approach of informal programs, SMT courses include a defined course curriculum. In addition, each student receives a binder containing applicable copies of the standard documentation package received with your machine.
  • Formal Training
    Well-defined and structured programs, offering the optimum solution to adult learning. In addition to the curriculum and documentation package of SMT courses, formal programs utilize classroom multi-media presentations, modularized by subject. Assessments help to reinforce learnings. Formal training is about a 50/50 mix of classroom and hands-on training, using your machine.
  • Formal Focused Training - Mechanical*
    Geared toward technicians who have some experience maintaining the equipment, but may need reinforcement in problem areas, such as changeover, machine timing, or PMs.
  • PLC Basics & Motion Control*
    Takes your technical staff to the next level of understanding of the R.A Jones machine controls and architecture. Participants explore the PLC program, as well as the associated hardware and software. Participants will have the opportunity to make program changes, as well as diagnose and correct servo system problems. This program uses Rockwell portable electronics training units for both classroom and hands-on programs.
  • Customized Training Materials
    Each formal training program typically consists of customized training binders for the instructor and participants, as well as a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation containing videos and images to provide visual references to complex topics.
* Focused & PLC Basics & Motion Control programs, depending on subject matter, can use anywhere from 10% to 90% of the training time at the machine.

To schedule training or to learn more about our offering, please email, call us at 1.800.216.4499, or request more information below.

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