Criterion CCM-425

R.A Jones Unveils Compact, High-Speed Cartoner: The Criterion® CCM-425

There’s good news for manufacturers who want the trustworthy, robust features of an R.A Jones Criterion® machine in a smaller footprint. 

The R.A Jones R&D Innovation Team is always hard at work engineering solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Recently they’ve taken on the challenge of solving high-speed production needs in tight spaces, while still maintaining operational efficiency with a high-quality, well-engineered cartoner loaded with advanced technical features.

With speeds of up to 425 cartons per minute, the Criterion® CCM-425 is suitable for cartons ranging from 2x1x4.25 inches to 4.8x4.25x8 inches. Its carton packaging capabilities are suitable for a wide range of products for food, pharma, healthcare, personal care, electronics, home care, industrial applications, and more.

The CCM-425 is surprisingly compact with a base machine length starting at 7.5 meters and a width starting at 2 meters. Despite its size we did not skimp on the robust designs for which R.A Jones Criterion® cartoners are known for. Bob Burkhardt, Product Owner of Cartoning and Robotics stated, “You will not find a small to medium center cartoner with the stout componentry found in the CCM-425. It is built to take a hit”.

The CCM-425 is operator friendly with features such as a low-level magazine for ergonomic carton handling, single point handwheel adjustment for transport depth changes, servo driven adjustable 4-chain carton transport lugs for quick and repeatable carton length changes, quick, tool-less changeover UHMW loader pusher heads, and an operator side conveyor with loader bypass.

The Orbi-Trak® rotary feed reliability is well known and is complemented by missing and L-shaped carton detection. A servo driven barrel loader with overload protection and auto-reset of the pusher slides, fixed split U-shaped buckets with detection for high loads, and guide buckets provide stub-free carton loading.

This Criterion® cartoner also has a sanitary design with minimal horizontal surfaces; a debris fall-through design; a rigid, modular frame construction made with stainless steel; and an integral bulkhead construction with welded full-length tubes and plated carbon steel support bars.

Standard Criterion options available, such as laser coders, bar code scanners, LED fault-zone overhead lighting, and Acc-U-Change changeover.

The CCM-425 is also compatible with a variety of flexible or dedicated product handling systems, so you can connect your upstream processes to the proven cartoning automation capabilities of R.A Jones’ trusted Criterion® technology.

See the Criterion® CCM-425 in Action.

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