Solar Panel Installation on Roof Top

R.A Jones to install rooftop solar panels, embracing renewable energy at its manufacturing facility

More than 50% of Covington plant to be powered by solar panels, helping to reduce R.A Jones’ carbon footprint and lower its annual electricity costs.

R.A Jones, a Coesia Company and global leader in the design and manufacturing of packaging machinery, is getting a massive solar upgrade at its Covington facility. The solar roof mount system is expected to produce more than 2 million kWh of clean energy annually, or more than half of the facility’s energy needs in the first year, which is enough to power 195 U.S. homes’ energy needs for one year.

The solar roof array will consist of 3,773 solar modules, covering approximately 85 percent of the building’s roof surface. The project also includes six electric vehicle charging stations which will be installed on the R.A Jones’ campus for use by company employees.

When fully operational, the ballasted solar power system will generate 100 percent sustainable, zero-carbon electricity at the 250,000 sq. foot-facility. During its 30-year life span, the system will offset 33,200 tons of atmospheric CO2, which is equivalent to taking 252 cars off the road for 30 years or planting nearly a half a million trees.

Sparked by employee interest in contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the decision to go green at the R.A Jones campus was fully supported by management.  

For years, R.A Jones has been working to help some of the largest consumer brands in the world meet their sustainability initiatives by lessening the impact their manufacturing processes and packaging has on the environment,” said Jonathon Titterton, CEO of Coesia Americas and R.A Jones. “Our company is firmly committed to being environmentally responsible and ready to transition to renewable energy at our Covington plant.

Over the last year, R.A Jones has helped customers like Bumble Bee Seafood package its products with less material, substituting its plastic shrinkwrap with recycled paperboard. Most recently, the company developed new sealing technology that will enable CPGs to run ecofriendly packaging materials on R.A Jones’ pouching equipment.

R.A Jones is the first Coesia company in the United States to power its facility with photovoltaic systems. The solar installation is projected to reduce the company’s electric bill by $6.4 million over its 30-year life span. While no immediate plans, Coesia is open to expanding and implementing other renewable energy resources to its other businesses.

Melink Solar of Milford, Ohio is providing the complete design and build of the solar panel system for R.A Jones. Construction on the roof installation is expected to begin in the early fall and be completed in Q1 of 2024.

Melink Solar is grateful for the partnership and forward-thinking approaches of R.A Jones and their parent company Coesia,” said Seth Parker, CEO of Melink Solar. “These companies are helping lead the clean energy revolution to improve our global economy, security and environment – for ourselves, our children and future generations.


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