Jif Squeezable Peanut Butter

Smucker's Jif Peanut Butter Expands Market Reach With Our Patented Standcap Pouch

Consumer packaged goods are in a competitive market as each brand vies for a leading spot in their respective categories. To be noticed by consumers, it is important for these brands to update their products regularly with effective packaging that emphasizes waste reduction and ease of use. In 2015, DAISY Sour Cream launched the latest version of their sour cream packaging in the Standcap Pouch, a unique patented packaging style only available in North America through R.A Jones, and experienced tremendous growth in sales. J.M Smucker's has just released their JIF peanut butter in the Standcap Pouch and is now well positioned to experience similar growth.

The Standcap Pouch is a flexible improvement on the inverted squeezable PET bottles once made popular in similar condiment categories. Unlike the rigid inverted containers, the Standcap Pouch innovatively combines squeezable technology with an innovative valve for an easy to use dispensing solution. The Standcap Pouch is lightweight with an easily controlled flow and features an open flip-lid and tamper-evident pull ring. It operates as a competitive advantage to traditional product category packaging, offers a larger surface area for brand messaging, and provides superior product protection compared to traditional packaging. This makes the Standcap Pouch the ideal packaging solution to grow market share for already well-established brands and to launch new products that will grab the attention of consumers.

In practice, studies show that consumers are more likely to use more product when in a Standcap Pouch due to ease of use. When effort is low, there is a higher incentive to use, transcending even traditional applications. Once adopted by JIF, the Standcap Pouch will allow consumers to add peanut butter to fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches with ease, just as DAISY Brands introduced consumers to for their sour cream.  However, while usability is an advanced benefit driving consumers to purchase products in Standcap Pouches, the reasons extend much farther. As a whole, the Standcap Pouch is a highly sustainable option for eco-minded shoppers. Easy to control product flow offers effortless portion control leading to minimal product waste, further impacted by a design that allows ample product accessibility. In other words, consumers will not be required to scrape the edges of the package to remove any product remaining once considered empty. In fact, no additional utensils are needed to dispense or spread product from Standcap Pouches, also making it ideal for on the go consumption.

The squeezable technology prevents drawing air into the vessel, unlike the elasticity of a rigid bottle, thus extending the shelf life of the product after it has been opened. Traditional rigid bottles have a natural tendency to "pop" back into their original form after dispensing the product by replacing it with air causing it to spoil more quickly. The Standcap Pouch's flexible nature allows it to hold shape, keep air out, and maintain freshness. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easier and less expensive to ship and flexibility means it is less likely to be damaged during shipment, also benefiting ecommerce shippers.

Making the decision to disrupt current packaging comes down to aggressive and intuitive strategy from brands, but the payoff can be tremendous when attempting to earn market share from competitors. The Standcap Pouch is ideal for relaunching and, in turn, increasing sales of stagnant, senior products, as well as new product launches within existing and emergent lines looking for new packaging to stand out on store shelves.  In a recent eye tracking study, research proved that the Standcap was overwhelmingly successful in grabbing our subjects' attention. Eye tracking is the measurement of a person's point of gaze, and it can be used in customer research to determine the effectiveness of product placement and to measure and quantify responses to marketing messages. Of the 60 participants walking the aisles of our simulated retail environment, they noticed the Standcap Pouch 40% faster, and they looked at it 53% longer when compared to standard packaging solutions in the surrounding area.

Our sister company Volpak was responsible for the development of the technology, while we at R. A Jones built the machines for our exclusive partner, Glenroy, to manufacture the pre-made pouch solution. The Standcap Pouch is patented and available only in North America through R. A Jones and Glenroy. We developed such partnerships to ensure economical solutions for retailers of any size and product volume demand. Additionally, we have developed a complete supply chain so that organizations of any size can test their product in the pouch with minimal upfront cost to them. Two major, well-known brands, DAISY and JIF, have already adopted this new packaging format with proven success already in action. The improved conveniences afforded by the Standcap Pouch is not limited to just condiment packaging, and we expect growth and adaptation in other categories as well, such as, salad dressing, guacamole, salsa, and honey.

Implementing Standcap Pouches into your product line has the power to increase your market share. To learn more about the equipment used and how your product will work with a Standcap Pouch, complete the form below or email us directly at info@rajones.com.


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