Package Green with R.A JONES

R.A JONES Helps Manufacturers Reach Their Sustainability Goals

R.A JONES is collaborating with customers world-wide to address their packaging sustainability concerns and goals. Our 115+ years of experience in the packaging industry and 80+ in-house engineers makes R.A JONES an ideal partner for companies looking to lessen the impact their manufacturing processes and packaging has on the environment.

R.A JONES is focused on the following initiatives to help our customers with their sustainability efforts:

  1. Improving Energy Consumption on Packaging Equipment
  2. Packaging Product with Less Material
  3. Changing Current Packaging to a New, More Sustainable Material

Improving Energy Consumption on Packaging Equipment
Our team is always searching for more efficient ways to run our equipment while ensuring the integrity of the equipment is not compromised. A recent example of this is testing ultrasonic sealing technology on our Pouch King equipment. The current sealing process uses heat sealing technology that draws a lot of power. By using ultrasonic sealing technology, power consumption is lessened and the sealing process is safer and more efficient.

Packaging Product with Less Material
One of the challenges manufacturers face today is reducing the amount of materials they use to package their products. Packaging the same product with less material cuts down on waste and potentially increases the amount of packaged product a manufacturer can ship in the same space. This helps cut down on the carbon footprint of the entire process of packaging the product to getting it on store shelves. R.A JONES has recently partnered with a customer to reduce the amount of head space its product requires to fit into a carton. Though it sounds like a simple application, this requires mechanical precision with equipment running at high speeds.

Changing Current Packaging to a New, More Sustainable Material
Many manufacturers are looking to move towards packaging solutions that use more recyclable or compostable materials. Recently, R.A JONES has seen a lot of customers looking for ways to move away from plastic packaging to solutions that use paperboard material. R.A JONES is currently working with multiple beverage companies to help them transition from plastic packaging to paperboard wraps or partially/fully enclosed cartons for their bottle and/or can products.

If your organization is looking for ways to package its products in a more sustainable way, R.A JONES has the experience and technology to help you achieve your goals. To learn how, email us at or complete and submit the form below.

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