R.A Jones Enters New Market with Mid-Speed Cartoner

R.A Jones introduces the Alterion, a new mid-speed cartoning solution. Ideal for customers who need flexibility but don’t require high levels of automation, this cost-effective option breaks into a whole new market for R.A Jones.

Seeing the need for mid-range machinery, R.A Jones created an option for customers who were interested in Criterion® machines but could not justify the return of investment due to lower production volumes with different automation needs. Now those customers can benefit from the service, support, and quality that R.A Jones is known for, all at an affordable price.

Standard features on the Alterion include configurable bucket conveyer length, which allows customers to tailor the machine footprint and speed to their needs, and handloading capability, which offers the ability to transition between product types quickly and easily. These features allow customers to be flexible in their packaging needs while giving them the confidence that the machine will be ready for production regardless of product changes. 

Soon to be available in a range of standard formats, be on the lookout for more news on the launch of the new R.A Jones Alterion. 

Key benefits:

1. Cost-effective for customers who need flexibility and don’t require high levels of automation in a mid-speed machine.

2. Reliability and performance you come to expect from R.A Jones.

3. Handloading flexibility to transition between product types quickly and easily.

4. Standard options lead to quick quotes and short delivery times.

5. Configurable bucket conveyer length to tailor machine footprint and speed.

Interested in the Alterion? Reach out to R.A Jones today.

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