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Popular Hard Seltzer Brand Uses R.A JONES Equipment to Prevent Summer Shortage

Last summer, a new beverage trend rushed the beverage industry in the form of sparkling hard seltzers. Technically in the beer and wine category, these canned beverages taste like sparkling water and come in an array of fruity flavors. At about 5% ABV, they contain higher alcohol content than most hard sodas and light beers but maintain a lower calorie count, typically, with 100 calories. To top it off, they are more hydrating and lower in sugar, making them ideal to a large market of alcoholic beverage consumers, particularly throughout the summer months. And, as it turns out, sparkling hard seltzers are not much of a fad at all. Data shows that consumer repurchasing rates are exceptionally high, which means customers are more likely to buy a sparkling hard seltzer product more than once.

Brands like Henry’s, Truly, White Claw, and others have made such an impact on the alcohol industry that they have forced alcohol giants from Bud Light to Smirnoff, owned by Anheuser-Busch and Diageo, respectively,  along with small, independent brewers to enter the spiked seltzer division with their own versions of the product. Today consumers have a wide variety of sparkling hard seltzers to choose from, however, last summer, their popularity hit so fast and so hard that a shortage quickly followed. A popular sparkling hard seltzer brand had achieved the unthinkable and was no longer capable of meeting production demands on their product due to their rapid and, seemingly, overnight success. So, they enlisted the help of an integrator who then contacted R. A Jones to support their production line.

This spiked seltzer brand had to address their production demands quickly and effectively to not only make up for current demand but to also ensure they would not be faced with this same issue again the following summer. As their sales rapidly grew, they looked to R. A Jones to purchase additional machinery thanks to our history of manufacturing high-speed, highly efficient, reliable, and proven packaging equipment. With a quick turn around on lead time, we were able to supply the brand with Meridian XR MPS-300 machines that could support their production line and will be installed this spring to supply the masses with one of the most popular alcoholic summer beverages. We have the technology to build multiple high-speed beverage cartoning lines to accommodate the tall, slim cans that have become synonymous with the spiked seltzer's signature look.

Our flexible packaging technology can support single-flavor packages as well as variety packs, which have become a popular option in the spiked seltzer category. Our entire catalog of beverage machines can support packages with as little as 4 cans per pack, or as many as 48 cans per pack, and include several different configurations and changeover capabilities, allowing us to quickly switch between different size cans and packages as needed. However, canned beer and wine products are not the only items supported by our beverage packaging machines. We have the ability to rapidly package take-home products that support the complete range of consumer beverage packaging trends and include sodas, sports drinks, juices, and nutritional beverages as well.

By integrating an Automatic Magazine Loader (AML) into your production line, you are creating operational and financial efficiencies for your business. Our AML systems ensure carton loading is consistent, repeatable, and, from a financial point of view, more efficient, and safer than using employees to get the job done. Not to mention, your production lines will be backed by over 115 years’ worth of packaging machinery solutions and expertise. Our beverage packaging machines include the Wraptor, Meridian, Meridian XR, and the Maxim. Each is highly flexible yet specialized to meet your rapid and customizable packaging needs, providing our customers with the ability to define their unique production demands.

When faced with production limitations and increased demand from a consistently evolving market, specialty drink companies look to R. A Jones for fast responses and long-lasting solutions to help their businesses grow and keep their supply chains healthy.  To learn more about R. A Jones beverage packaging machines and how we can help improve your production lines, fill out the form below, or contact a representative at info@rajones.com.

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