R.A Jones Collaboration with Watttron Leads to Breakthrough Innovation and Pouch Lab Opening

R.A Jones and watttron have collaborated for years in their joint mission for more sustainable packaging, and to show for it, they’ve created breakthrough technology in the world of pouching.

Foreseeing increasing need for sustainable pouching solutions, the R.A Jones R&D Innovation team partnered with watttron, a German engineering company with a focus on digital heating systems. The challenge: recyclable pouching materials tend to be too heat-sensitive to withstand high-speed productions. The solution: innovative heat sealing and tension control technologies.

Connecting R.A Jones’ proven experience to customer challenges, watttron and our experts engineered the ability to produce recyclable flexible packaging using our popular ultra-high speed horizontal form-fill-seal machine, the Pouch King®. Available on both new and installed Pouch King® machines, these new technologies enable Pouch Kings to run sustainable materials at ultra-high speeds of up to 2000 pouches per minute. 

"We, at watttron, are thrilled to cooperate with R.A. Jones. Their machines are renowned for exceptional speed and productivity, setting industry standards in packaging solutions. By integrating our cutting-edge heating technology with R.A. Jones’ innovative machinery, we aim to enhance performance and efficiency even further. We are excited to support and contribute to this amazing technology, and we look forward to a successful and transformative collaboration in the future" says watttron‘s CEO Marcus Stein.

The R.A Jones Pouch Lab is Open

While eco-friendly materials continue to evolve, the most important part of achieving sustainability is having the ability to test these materials. The R.A Jones pouch lab is capable of doing exactly this. Manufacturers can use the R.A Jones Pouch Lab in Covington, Kentucky to test their own sustainable materials, saving downtime and preventing costly schedule changes.

Interested in testing this new pouching technology? See the steps below on how to get started:

Pouch King 1Pouch King 2

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