Innovative Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment That Changed Our World

It does not happen often, but when a forward-thinking manufacturer connects with a highly experienced packaging equipment engineering and manufacturing provider, consumer trends as we know it are forever changed.

R.A Jones has a long history of helping manufacturers find mass production solutions for new and innovative packaging and products. Our Autoprod CFC-700 (video below) is just one example of a packaging machine that changed the way consumers drink coffee, tea, and other beverages. If all the machines in the field were running at the same time, they could produce over 200 MILLION coffee pods a week!

If you are a manufacturer looking for your next generation of packaging machinery for new products or the launch of a cornerstone product in new trend setting packaging, our 80+ engineers eagerly await the discussion. Complete and submit the form below if you would like to schedule a call with our team or send an e-mail us at

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