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Our Packaging Equipment Technology Helping Large Retailers Meet Sustainability Goals

As the world shifts to more energy-efficient mentalities, R.A Jones feels that we all have a responsibility to do our part in protecting our planet and those who inhabit it by reducing waste and preserving the environment. Our most innovative customers agree; sustainability has become a priority to both manufacturers and consumers. In fact, how sustainable a product is, is often a driving force in what persuades a consumer to make a purchase. By shifting to green initiatives, you're not only benefiting the environment but your bottom line as well.

Big box retailers across the country are making strides to implement greener practices to comply with industry initiatives and mainstream calls to action. We have solutions to aid them in these efforts and help provide more sustainable practices. Consumers are purchasing green, and big-box retailers are setting up initiatives and programs so that they can keep up with their customer's sustainable preferences. Walmart has implemented a "Sustainable Packaging Playbook" that highlights how suppliers should package their products in a way that reduces materials, protects their items, maximizes recyclability, and enhances material health - that means removing priority chemicals such as carcinogens from their packaging - to name a few. Sam's Club, owned by Walmart, follows these same guidelines, and, much like Costco, follows greener practices by reducing overall packaging material. Similarly, Amazon has instituted requirements for streamlined packaging practices that include recyclability at the top of the list of conditions known as their "Frustration-Free Packaging Program”. If sellers fail to follow these rules, they may be fined as punishment.

So how are OEM's responding to sustainable packaging requirements?

At R. A Jones, we're empowering our engineers to design machines that package products tighter and reduce materials used to do so. We see this as a challenge many of our customers are facing, and our engineers are able to identify this as a slight alteration that can be applied to the packaging process, thus creating a ripple effect across the entire supply chain.

Our Criterion Series Cartoners are just one of many sustainable offerings we have implemented across the R. A Jones portfolio. Criterion Cartoners are ideal for customers in need of reducing open space in their cartons due to their product handling flexibility and machine features, such as an extended loader for a gentler and more precise push into the carton. By reducing head space and carton size, we can ship more product in a single truckload and display more product on store shelves at a single given time, effectively cutting down on shipping costs for online customers and limiting the number of trucks on the roads delivering shipments. Thus, resulting in an overall smaller carbon footprint. Small efficiencies like this done by our experienced and dedicated team can make a large impact on both our customers and the environment.

We have been using the Criterion Series Cartoners for over 30 years. They are ideal for food cartoning, coffee pod cartoning, snack bag cartoning, cracker cartoning, and other packaged goods with similar requirements. However, Criterion machinery is just one possibility among the many sustainable practices we have implemented across the R.A Jones catalog.

By lowering machine energy consumption and integrating more efficient technology, we have make strides toward cleaner manufacturing practices. Additionally, we opt for ultrasonic sealing technology over more traditional, less sustainable methods. We recommend replacing plastic beverage ring holders with recyclable carton solutions, reducing the materials used to package a product, and set up efficiencies that allow for less waste.

Whether we are creating machinery that allows manufacturers to package products using less packing material, fill food-based products with less head space, or pack more product into shipments, we are passionate and determined to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. With the support of our customers, we are in a position to lead sustainable initiatives in our industry and serve to better protect our planet.

To learn more about the Criterion Series Cartoners or how R. A Jones can improve your green initiatives, cut down on material costs, conform to practices driven by big box retailers, and advance your overall packaging efficiencies, contact us at or fill out the form below to request more information.


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