North American Customer Service Hub

Introducing our North America Customer Service Hub to Elevate Customer Experience

At Coesia CMS North America (containing ACMA, Citus Kalix, MGS, Norden, Volpak and R.A Jones) we are excited to announce important changes in our Customer Service Department, aimed at providing an even higher level of service and support to our valued customers. We are consolidating all customer service activities, including spare parts, field service, and modernizations, to our North America Customer Service Hub located in Davenport, Iowa. This strategic move is designed to enhance the harmonization of our activities and leverage a larger, more specialized team to better serve customers across the region.

How do our customers benefit? 

-    Unified customer care group: To simplify and streamline communications, we have established a dedicated customer care group with a single phone number and email address for all incoming inquiries. This ensures that you have a single point of contact, making it easier to get the assistance you need quickly and efficiently.
-    Enhanced support network: We are expanding our customer support network by increasing the number of service representatives who will be traveling to customer locations. This will boost our support capabilities, allowing us to provide more on-site assistance tailored to your specific needs.
-    Improved spare parts delivery: By consolidating our spare parts service into one facility, we can now offer better coordination and a unified shipping approach that improves delivery times and service quality. 
-    Proactive Sales team: Our proactive team will reach out to customers more frequently. This is intended to foster a higher level of customer centricity, ensuring that we stay even more attuned to your needs and provide timely, relevant solutions.
-    Cross-training and knowledge sharing: We provide a network of experts on Coesia CMS level capable of providing comprehensive support across all our product lines, promoting a consistent and exemplary level of technical support.

For our customers, these changes mean greater exposure to a larger, more versatile support team. While our quotes and invoicing headers will change, customers can rest assured that the core team and the high-quality service they are accustomed to will remain the same. 

Our dedicated team is ready to provide the exceptional service you have come to expect, with the added benefits of a more harmonized and efficient support system. We look forward to serving you better than ever before.

For all customer service inquiries, please use the following:
-    Phone: 563-594-MyHb (6942)
-    Email:

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