Meridian XR

How R.A Jones Raised the Standard with the Meridian XR Speed-Up Kit

The 2020’s brought a boom to the beverage business, increasing the demand for higher speed multipacking options. R.A Jones engineered an answer by increasing the speed of their most popular machine, the Meridian XR, with the Speed-Up-Kit.

Effectively raising the multipacking standard while offering the same efficiency and consistency R.A Jones is known for; the Speed-Up Kit has been wildly successful. Enabling the Meridian XR to run at speeds up to 345 cartons per minute, beverage manufacturers have seen increased speeds and ROI with improved carton feeding and opening efficiency.

Beer, ready-to-drink cocktails, hard seltzer, soft drinks, energy drinks, and many more beverage manufacturers have picked up on this high-speed technology, though the Speed-Up Kit is also designed for multipacking in the canned food and pet food industries, as well. Providing speed and efficiency as well as flexibility to take on various package types and styles, the Speed-Up Kit has proven capabilities to benefit a variety of sectors.

The smart and reliable engineering design saves downtime and lowers the cost-per-package to increase the profitability of any multipacking line and decrease the time to market. The Speed-Up Kit also maintains the flexibility the Meridian XR is known for both in terms of package configurations and can sizes, allowing customers to meet fluctuating market demands.

How We Did It

Connecting over 100 years of experience to customer challenges, R.A Jones sought to design a solution that was faster and more reliable than ever.

No multipacking machine at the time could go faster than 300 cartons per minute, and when attempted, production jams and misshapen cartons were a frequent issue. The R.A Jones team also knew that any solution needed to be retrofittable to give all of our clients the opportunity to modernize their equipment.

So, the team looked to our patented Orbi-Trak® carton feed system for inspiration. Found in our high-speed Criterion® machines, the Orbi-Trak® was adapted to address the wide carton size range the Meridian XR allows for. After engineering additional locations for pick and place spindles and several other original technologies, R.A Jones was ready to release the Meridian XR MPS-300 Speed-Up Kit.

With the Speed-Up Kit, Meridian XR’s are now able to reach surge speeds of 345 cartons per minute while ensuring cartons are picked, placed, and formed properly. The Speed-Up Kit is available for all Meridian XR’s—both new and in the field.

RA Jones strides in innovation are not accidental. They stem from constant listening and dialogue with our customers. This is how we manage to consistently develop technology that responds to their specific needs and challenges.

If you are considering a new multipacker or currently have a Meridian XR that could benefit from our patented Speed-Up Kit, we encourage you to explore this innovation with our team. Complete and submit the form below or email us direct at

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