Digital Optimate

Coesia OptiMate – improve your OEE and cartoning machine usability with new intuitive HMI

Many manufacturers are dealing with high turnover rates among employees which create inefficiencies and necessitate extensive operator training. Consequently, operators, especially newer ones, struggle to quickly restore machines to operation after a stop or fault. Many of them also face frustration and confusion with poorly designed, complex, or outdated Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). HMIs on older technology platforms fail to fully deliver their potential value to operators. Moreover, the inconsistency of HMIs across machines can add another layer of complexity, requiring extra training and contributing to operational inefficiencies. 

Addressing these manufacturing challenges, the new Coesia OptiMate HMI emerges as a solution offering numerous benefits. OptiMate provides an intuitive interface tailored for new operators, facilitating their learning curve and usage. By streamlining machine operations, OptiMate effectively reduces downtime and boosts Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). With its user-friendly design, OptiMate improves the overall customer experience. Moreover, it introduces new functionalities, expanding the machine’s capabilities. This new HMI also ensures a consistent look and feel across the R.A Jones product portfolio, simplifying training and operation while boosting efficiency.  Guided procedures and digital documentation enable operators to accelerate tasks such as format changeover, troubleshooting, maintenance, and training. Real-time production statistics and alarms, along with exportable reports, ensure a clearer understanding of critical activities or potential performance improvements on the machine. 

OptiMate is now the standard HMI on our Criterion cartoning machines as well as our Meridian multi packing machines. Work is underway to expand this implementation to additional R.A Jones product lines in the coming months. 

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