Parts and Materials

Parts and Materials

We understand what parts and materials you will need, and when, to keep your packaging lines running as efficiently as possible. By purchasing these items direct from R.A JONES and working with our trained technical staff, you will benefit from discounted pricing, reduction in stocking levels, and guaranteed warranty periods on all parts. 

Spare & Wear Parts

R.A JONES offers a full line of high quality OEM replacement parts manufactured to our machine’s specification.  No more worrying about machine failures due to cut rate parts from low quality manufacturers.  R.A JONES provides top rated parts to keep your machine in the best possible operating condition.


When looking for your consumable items, there is no need to shop around.  Trust the company that you trust with your high quality spare and wear parts. R.A JONES is your convenient “one stop shop” for all of your consumable needs.

Repairs & Refurbished Parts

Sometimes spending money on a brand new replacement part as a backup doesn’t make sense.  Sometimes all you need is a high quality refurbished part to keep in stock in case of an emergency.  R.A JONES can help you determine when repaired or refurbished parts are acceptable backups for the quickest and most economical downtime recovery plan.