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Rebuilds and Refurbishments

We offer an in-house Rebuild Program where you can send your R.A Jones machine to our plant and we can bring it to “as-new” condition or to the rebuild level of your choice.

Some customers choose to purchase a pre-owned piece of equipment from Jones or another source and have it completely overhauled before taking it into their facility. Not only will we rebuild it, but, we can advise you on productivity enhancements and/or convert it for new products

During its many years of reliable operation, your R.A JONES packaging machine is nevertheless subject to normal wear. And the market requirements of your industry are also subject to change during this period.
With our machine retrofit services, we provide you with the opportunity to return your R.A JONES machine to its “original delivery condition” or a level of reconditioning that you determine. Furthermore, we are glad to provide you with advice on how to further increase your productivity and prepare your machine for new products and formats.

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