Global manufacturer and service provider for primary & secondary packaging technology for aerosol, beverage, cartoning, chub, cup filling & pouching equipment.


System integration
R.A Jones Integration Services team guarantees line speed, uptime efficiency, and good product rates up front and in writing. Jones specifies purchases and installs the most efficient integrated packaging equipment for industry leaders worldwide.

Our positioning in the industry keeps us connected with a broad range of equipment manufacturers creating a global packaging network.         

R.A Jones System Integration Process:

Design Phase
  • Define system requirements
  • Develop system concepts and alternatives
  • Devise line layout with simulations
  • Develop cost-benefit analysis
  • Establish design basis
  • Prepare functional specifications for all equipment
  • Develop line logic and operational sequence controls
  • Design all mechanical and electrical machine interfaces
  • Prepare contracts, purchase and expedite equipment
  • Manage design and progress reviews with suppliers

Installation Phase

  • Oversee factory acceptance testing of machines
  • Supervise site preparation by advance team
  • Supervise placement of equipment of site
  • Install and test system controls and line logic
  • Line start-up, debug and commissioning
  • Overall line acceptance testing

Project Training and Documentation

  • Provide as-commissioned line documentation
  • Conduct operator and maintenance training
  • Initiate optional spare parts logistics program
  • Develop comprehensive line support guide book

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