Global manufacturer and service provider for primary & secondary packaging technology for aerosol, beverage, cartoning, chub, cup filling & pouching equipment.

Conversions & Upgrades

Conversions and upgrades are available to prolong the life of R.A Jones equipment and to enhance productivity.  These services allow our customers to reduce the life cycle cost of our machinery. A dedicated Marketing, Engineering, and Assembly Team will assist you by meeting your conversion and upgrade needs.
To find out more about conversions and upgrades available for your machinery, contact R.A Jones today.

Davenport Parts and Service for Aerofill, Autoprod/Holmatic, KartridgPak, MAP Systems

Regional Office Parts and Service for Aerofill, Dawson, Autoprod/Holmatic
Normal Business Hours
+44 (0) 1924 414 600
After hours, weekends, holidays
+44 (0)7810 773 604

Covington Parts and Service for Jones
Normal Business Hours:
+1 (877) 725-6637 Option #2
After hours, weekends, holidays
+1 (859) 341-1000