Global manufacturer and service provider for primary & secondary packaging technology for aerosol, beverage, cartoning, chub, cup filling & pouching equipment.

End Load Cartoners

Criterion® 3 Cartoner
The Criterion® 3 meets market needs for high speed cartoning with a robust & sanitary design providing greater package flexibility, faster changeovers, ease of operation and clean-up, reduced maintenance and downtime, and faster start-up times.
Criterion® 2000 – Modular Large Center Cartoner
A multi axis design and standardization of parts is what offers increased reliability, efficiency and flexibility in the R.A Jones Criterion® 2000 cartoner.
Criterion® CMI-160
R.A Jones expands the Criterion® product line to include a compact footprint, direct load version.
Criterion® CL-240
R.A Jones expands the Criterion® product line to include a medium speed version with a smaller footprint, greater package size flexibility and upgradeable centerlining capabilities. 
Legacy® 3 - Constant Motion Small Center Cartoner
The Legacy® 3 cartoner was redesigned from the ground up, to be the most productive, ergonomically friendly, multi-purpose small center cartoner in the industry.
Legend – Large Center Cartoner
The Legend meets market needs for medium speed cartoning with a robust design providing greater package flexibility, ease of operation, reduced maintenance and downtime,  and faster start-up times.
Maxim® Tissue Cartoner
The Maxim® Tissue Cartoner can operate with both flat or cube grade configurations, and can easily interface with any upstream converting machinery

Vertical Cartoner

CMV® Vertical Cartoner
The venerable R.A Jones CMV cartoner provides an economical and highly versatile solution to nearly every kind of semi-automatic packaging application.
The latest R.A Jones Vertical Cartoner builds on our 100 plus years of cartoning experience by
combining knowledge and technology into a competitively priced and reliable design.

Wrap-around / Sleeve

Wraptor® – Paperboard Wraparound Cartoner
The R.A Jones Wraptor® sleever cartoning machines provide solutions for both food and beverage multipack and single tray applications as well as applications for home and personal care products.