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Aerosol Filling

Flexible Aerosol Filling Machine - Flexi Pak

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The Flexi Pak aerosol filler with its unique and patented change part free container handling system. Flexi Pak has servo-drives fitted to the axis of all the critical motions to facilitate “right first time” positioning and high-speed accuracy during cycling.

The Flexi Pak is available in a 4 index or 6 index version for speeds up to 160 cpm . Flexi Pak machine solutions for Bag-on-Valve, compressed gas and TTV filling with actuator and cap placing, together with solutions for no aerosol liquid filling and screw capping.

  • Total container control
  • Change part free
  • Push button diameter change
  • Modular machine design
  • Space saving layout
  • Aerosol,Pharma & Cosmetic options
  • Elevated can platform for easy clean
  • Programmable index cycle
  • ATEX rated
  • High machine efficiency
Types 4 and 6 Indexing versions
Max. output (cans p/min) 120 and 160
Diameter range (mm) 35 x 60 - 65 x 330
Drives Servo main drive and valve inserter
Operation Intermittent