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R.A Jones Introduces the JONES Legacy® 3 Cartoner for the Pharmaceutical Industry

R.A Jones, a world leader in the field of packaging machinery and automation systems and one of the largest integrators of turnkey packaging equipment solutions, is introducing its new JONES Legacy® 3 constant motion small center cartoner for the pharmaceutical market.  The latest generation of the popular Legacy series, the JONES’ Legacy 3 was designed to be the most ergonomically-friendly, multi-purpose small center cartoner in the industry. The Legacy’s flexibility allows a wide range of cartoning with a single machine at speeds of up to 400 cartons a minute.

During the early stages of design, R.A Jones’ Legacy 3 team consulted representatives from major pharmaceutical, consumer products, personal care and electronic companies, as well as several small carton packagers. Benefiting from direct feedback from end-users, the JONES Legacy 3 caters to the requirements and needs of a wide-spectrum of the packaging industry. Featured upgrades include an ergonomically-designed straight-in, low level carton magazine with comfortable loading height that does not require platforms; a balcony design that maximizes accessibility to all areas of the machine, allowing easy clean-up and inspection; accurate, quick changeovers thanks to tool-less adjustments and changeover points;and an all new, variable velocity Orbi-Trak® carton feed design that utilizes an opposed vacuum pre-opening system.

“By bringing our customers into our design process, we have come to truly understand their needs when it comes to cartoners,” says Tom Riggins, VP of Sales and Marketing of R.A Jones. “The Legacy 3 not only outperforms our customers’ requirements, its features read like a wish list from the packaging floor.” 

All of the JONES Legacy 3’s functional features have the operator in mind. In addition to ergonomic and hygienic design improvements, the Legacy 3 also features:

Platform carton lugs
Eliminate carton markings and create more positive carton control at loading and closing.

Orbi-Trak® carton feed system
Using an opposed vacuum pre-break station, the Legacy 3 takes JONES’  patented cam driven feed—featuring variable velocity— to a new level of performance.  The feed has been completely re-engineered to add the feature most sought after by customers today to handle difficult to open cartons.

“Quick Clean” bucket conveyor

Eliminates catch points where product can get trapped and provides full visual compliance and quick clean accessibility without long stoppages.

The Legacy 3’s entire operational area can be accessed with a fully enclosed upper guard, which can be easily reached and opened by the smallest operator—while also allowing maximum access to mechanics.


Fast and accurate changeover made even more efficient with tool-less carton and bucket adjustments, quick change carton throat and the addition of electronic digital counters.

For more information, contact: lisa.pitzer@rajones.com